(BS1) token and crypto-investment (BS1) token information has created a utility token (not a crypto-investment) for our services.
Ethereum token has a ticker BS1 and is ERC20 token standard.
Contract on Etherscan: HERE

For more info click here: Uniswap Pool BS1 – ETH
Token (ERC20): 100.000.000 units, BS1
Main purpose: governance, stability, liquidity

FAQ – token information, crypto-investment

1. What is token? token is an ERC20 token that serves as a utility token for the ecosystem to give you access to special services offered by our dapps. It’s not a typical crypto-investment and it shouldn’t be treated this way.

2. Is the token for me?

The token is for project supporters, collectors and gives access to services not available for non-token holders like a discount, staking and voting.

3. Is token on exchanges?

We don’t plan to move the token on exchanges apart of dex where access cannot be restricted by the company.

4. Is there an ICO?

Our intention is not to sell the token. We do not make any ICO and do not intend to make any in the future.

5. Is token limited?

Yes, the token is regulated by the smart contract. In the future token will carry the features like staking, mint, burn and trade.

6. Is it an investment opportunity?

Each token carries the risks of diminishing returns or loss. Please buy at your own risk from the secondary markets if it’s available. This is not an investment token or security token, it will be used in the system for utility purpose.

7. Can I build my financial future based on the token, is it crypto-investment?

Cryptoassets are the technology that is rapidly pushing away the traditional means of payment. You should always be cautious when buying tokens. Our token is by no means financial investment. Treat it with caution.

8. What are the stages for the token release?

We will gradually offer a token to our community in return for project promotion and engagement.

9. What can I do with the token?

Our token is to incentivise community building our project. By no means, it is connected to any equity. It’s a utility token and won’t be offered in ICO sales.

10. How is the token split?

We will offer 30% to the public in the forms of bounty, access subscriptions and voting power (it’s not ICO!). The rest will be kept by the team 30% and 40%  inside the company treasury for future liquidity related to our asset tokenization platform and liquidity market maker for clubs.


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