Buy tokens

You are about to buy token. You can do it sending ETH from your wallet into below swap address. Token will be sent back to you automatically. Remember to set higher gas price than usual transaction ( the price around 7-10 USD should be enough)

Swap address: please contact
Token price 1 BS1 = 0.10 USD
Pay with ETH (contract will convert automatically).


1. What is token? token is an ERC20 token that servers as a subscription token for the ecosystem and connector from our permissioned
blockchain to the public one.

2. Is the token for me?
The token is for all athletes around the world. We want to raise awareness about the cryptocurrencies and use our token in our blockchain ecosystem to grand access to our service.

3. Is token on exchanges?
The token can be bought for a fixed price on our website. We don’t have any intention for exchanges. Token converts to the membership in our platform.

4. What is it about?
We are selling token to early investors for access granted services. It’s not an ICO, it’s a token that will reward adopters with discounts.

5. Is token limited?
Yes, the token is regulated by smart contract (address on the top of the page). In the future token will carry the features like staking, mint, burn and trade.

6. Is it an investment opportunity?
Each token carries the risks of diminishing returns or loss. Please buy at your own risk. This is not an investment token or security token, it will be used in the system for utility purpose.

7. Can I build my financial future based on the token?
Cryptoassets are the technology that is rapidly pushing away the traditional means of payment. You should always be cautious
when buying tokens. Our token is by no means financial investment. Treat it with caution.

8. What are the stages for the token release?
We sell the token on our portal. There is a minimum purchase with a fixed price. You can buy it by using Ethereum.

9. What can I do with the token?
Right now, the minimum purchase of token is 50 USD and it can be converted into membership (amateur family package) in our system. Our detailed pricing list is available (please sign up to the application and check the current prices) – by buying token you can guarantee your subscription to service of your choice individual subscription, club subscription or scout subscription.