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Based in Poland, the company launched in November 2018.
Originally, it was designed as a marketplace expert network, in which experts would be paid in cryptocurrency. It quickly shifted its focus on educating entrepreneurs and influencers, helping them expand their marketing reach.
Its aims to connect specialists to users for consultation, you can attain top specialists around the world effortlessly by making phone calls or sending messages.
Before, expert networks, while receiving a small fee, would recruit specialists with a high level of expertise and offer them to work as temporary consultants to those in need of that type of knowledge.
Experty wants to leverage blockchain’s decentralising factor by means of casting off middlemen. Knowledge seekers may be able to connect directly to
their knowledge provider of preference. Their plan isn’t to apply a marketplace model for their product, rather a knowledge provider will be able to share their Experty link directly on social media such as LinkedIn, email signatures, or Twitter profiles furthermore, payments may be made through a smart contract that allows direct communication between knowledge providers and seekers, so payments can be nearly immediate among each party. has partnered with Experty and will offer their wisdom collection. More information on

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